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2CH Tracking & Monitoring System

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Delicious cuisines always come with comprehensive recipe and a dexterous cook, while fresh materials are the foundation. An excellent customized Embedded System precisely solves the market paint point with an affective cost.

It derives from tremendous market communications and skillful engineers’ team work, while component selection and EMS are the foundation. More than a decade, Talitor has been concentrating on unique competence of software and hardware integration for the application of video processing and Inter-networking.

Our mission is to help you shaping a video processing equipment to fulfill your market gap. See below key terms for how Talitor can help your business:

Video Processing System

From Jpeg, H.264 to H.265, the cutting edge technology are always trendy, yet choosing one correct technology for the right application is critical for not only solving the issue but also cost effective to justify market demand. From Linux OS, RTOS to Non-OS, it depends on how would you like the problem to be solved precisely. Many more key terms like efficiency of power consumption, compatibility of the video sources, effective storage capacity, optimal video resolution with correct encoding bit rate and frame rate, sustainability of 24/7/365 operation, and etc. Below depicts one of our custom designed product – StreeCam, which features robust sustainability that has been dedicated to street lamp ambient surveillance for public safety.

Linking the IoT

Let the video devices be connected to the IoT world is vital nowaday. 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, NB-IoT, SubGiga proprietary and etc, all these useful technologies contribute to part of the IoT world. Yet networking the video needs relatively enormous amount of bandwidth, therefore balancing the video with limited bandwidth becomes critical. Applying the connecting way for the right application determines the success of a project. The point is always not solely utmost performance of the video itself, but how it helps solving the problem in the most efficient way.

Cloud Computing & Mobility

Through Cloud Computing we let our devices be found and connected instantly in accordance with the uses’ demand, while video and useful information can also be stored for convenient retrieval application if necessary. In association with LTE or LPWAN, our surveillance units versatilely provide live video streaming, remote video playback, geo-location tracking, the configuration of the surveillance units, event alert pushing, the operational status of the devices and etc. No matter it is the need to survey the spot via mobile smart APP or the mobility of a spot being monitored, our capability of Cloud Computing technology helps shaping your own application with an already-built and cost effective infrastructure.

User's Experience

At the end, technologies should serve humanly. Centered to this concept, we design all our products completely pragmatic and according to client's inputs. We are talking about 100% customized for solving client's market demand. Therefore the ease and friendliness of user's interface is absolutely important. Take our StreeCam for example, the evidence can be downloaded while user playback and check the SD card; and all these are done through wirelessly with versatile yet friendly APP.

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